In 1890 ‘Arcangela’ was bequeathed to a young couple Arcangela and Jose as a part of her dowry settlement and was aptly named after her. What better gift of love could there be? The loving couple so blessed to have a home they could call their own, put all their limited resources, oodles of love and tenderness into their home and raised a beautiful family.

With greener pastures beckoning the children abroad ,Arcangela and Jose were content to lead a quiet, retired life in the bosom of their home.With the passing off of this couple, the younger generation decided to reluctantly put ‘Arcangela’ on the market. Their only stipulation that the house be restored to its former glory and retain the original beauty.

Some things are meant to be …. A chance encounter, love at first site, the possibilities and promises that ‘Arcangela’ held, is what attracted a young architect couple ‘Amit and Rosette Sardesai to bid for the house.

With ‘Arcangela’s blessings after all, she is a guardian angel, the home was lovingly restored by its now owners to its present glory. Amit & Rosette have great pleasure in throwing their new home open to those seeking solace, solitude and romance.

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